How to Fix Drum Error Tn450 on Brother Printer ?

  • How to Fix Drum Error Tn450 on Brother Printer ?

    How to Fix Drum Error Tn450 on Brother Printer ?

    During the installation of new Brother DR420 drum into user photocopier machine come across printer still telling user to swap out drum. To Fix Drum Error Tn450 on Brother Printer user need to reset the drum counter. User using Brother Printer which use TN450 or TN420 toner cartridge might encounter error messages such as toner low, replace toner, toner life ends. As on the screen shows the cartridge error user are using is empty or not recognized user might think of replacing with new toner cartridge.

    After installing a new cartridge the problem still persist. User might find that both OEM and compatible laser toner cartridges. Which doesn’t mean cartridge bought is damaged the reason is it not reset properly. Hence user’s brother printer could not be recognized. The Brother Printer machine has separated toner cartridge and the drum unit which need to checked first. That is user must verify firstly by replacing only the drum unit and not the toner cartridge.

    Fix Drum Error Tn450 on Brother Printer

    Steps to Fix Drum Error Tn450 on Brother Printer :

    Step 1: Turn on the machine before user start

    Step 2: Open the front cover

    Step 3: Press the clear or back on the control panel, depending on the model layout of the control panel differs but clear or back button can be easily located right side of LCD screen

    Step 4: Out of the two follow one

    • In case of numeric keypad Press 1 to reset the drum counter
    • another is the type of keypad press up arrow key to reset drum counter

    Step 5: Finish by accepting sign on LCD screen and close the front cover.

    Sometimes there are printing quality problems faced in using Brother Printer machine and more users think that brother laser toner cartridge that caused it while on the other hand they should also be checking Brother Drum unit. Drum unit is higher than brother toner but this doesn’t mean user should replace it.

    To fix Brother Printer Error code “Print Unable” 7A

    Assistance via Calling Brother Printer Support Number+44-800-086-9078 (Toll-free)

    The above mentioned blog steps must be sufficient to Fix Drum Error Tn450 on Brother Printer but in case user fail they can immediately and instant call Brother Printer Support Number +44-800-046-5291 (toll-free). Our qualified technicians are present to assist users for facing brother printer drum unit error.  Connect via phone call, live chat with technicians or drop an email to customer support email id.

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