How to Fix Brother Printer Spooler Error?

  • How to Fix Brother Printer Spooler Error?

    How to Fix Brother Printer Spooler Error?

    The print spooler helps your Windows Computer interact with the Printer and order the Print jobs in queue. To Fix Brother Printer Spooler Error which you see as message of this toll has been corrupted or failing to interact correctly and efficiently with other software. May be one or two method are not sufficient to resolve your issues. Therefore you need to connect to Brother Printer Support Phone Number for one to one conversation and get assured solution hence fixing the spooler error. Printer Error are super frustrating, annoying, and definitely need technical support for fixing the printer error. The word spooling is computer programming term and refers to computer application that organizes data or information and passes to device with low memory and is usually handle the data such as Printer.


    Fix Brother Printer Spooler Error


    Steps to Fix Brother Printer Spooler Error:

    Method 1: Changing the Printer Spooler Properties:


    Step 1: Open the printer spooler properties


    • By pressing the Windows key+ R to open the run dialogue type services.msc and press enter.
    • Double click on the print spooler
    • Alternatively: click on start, go to control panel, administrative tools, services and then to print spooler


    Step 2: Restarting the Print spooler


    Sometimes juts pressing the stop and start button can simply resolve your issues and leave the window open as couple of more changes to make

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    Step 3: Set the Spooler to start up automatically


    Select the drop-down menu following the start up. To ensure the spooler starts up each time on your computer does, so it doesn’t miss any incoming print jobs and press apply in the lower right to safe your changes by selecting the automatic option


    Step 4: Change the Recovery options


    Click on the recovery tab which controls how the spooler responds to its own error. Due to the few adjustments that will definitely maximize the chances of spooler solving its own issues, and minimizes chance of causing a crash


    Step 5: Forbid interaction with the desktop


    Click on Log on tab if box next to allow interaction with desktop is checked uncheck it. Keep box checked can also causes issues and should not be necessary for nay reasonably modern setup and as always click on apply


    Step 6: Restart and try again


    Again at this point you can try printing again you may need to close the properties window or restart your computer before changes show their effect if still error continues move to next step


    Step 7: Check for dependencies


    Call for help to Brother Printer Customer Support Number+44-800-086-9078



    Are you not able to fix the spooler print issues? Call to Brother Printer Support Number+44-800-086-9078 (toll-free) for reliable and efficient support. Our qualified, team of technicians are present 24*7 to resolve your Spooler error. The certified, capable tech team is present to guide you in right direction with effectual solution via remote assistance over phone call, live chat or dropping an email and technician will revert back as soon as possible when the email has been received. Feel free to connect with experienced tech experts.

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