How to fix Brother Printer fax Error 2001?

  • How to fix Brother Printer fax Error 2001?

    How to fix Brother Printer fax Error 2001?

    When your Brother Printer is experiencing the Error code 2001 which is a Comm. Error. To fix Brother Printer Fax Error 2001 which is Comm. Error message may appear on the Brother machine LCD, if machine experienced communication error while sending or receiving fax. The Error 2001is one such that is caused by interference on the telephone line connection or an alarm system or other device on the line. One can either follow the blog to resolve the error 2001 or connect to via Brother Printer Support Phone Number for more appropriate solution and hence trying to give you error free brother printer device.

    fix Brother Printer fax Error 2001

    Follow steps to troubleshoot Brother Printer fax Error 2001:

    Step 1 : Press the Hook key and verify the quality of the dial tone.

    • If the dial tone quality is poor, contact your local telephone company for further assistance.
    • If the dial tone is clear, move to next step

    Step 2 : Check the telephone line connection.

    If you have found that the attached telephone line is plugged in any other device other than the wall telephone jack (surge protector, switching device, etc.), disconnect the line from that device and plug it directly into the wall telephone jack with the purpose of testing. To determine whether the issue is related to brother printer machine or any other device remove such devices.

    Step 3 : On the Brother machine once the telephone line is plugged directly from the jack labeled Line to the wall telephone jack, try to re-send the fax

    • As the fax issuccessful, the problem caused by another device or piece of equipment on the line.
    • If your Brother machine displays the Comm. Error again, move to next step

    Step 4 : By lowering the transmission speed your Brother machine has a Compatibility setting that adjusts its sensitivity to interference on the telephone line.

    Follow the steps to change the brother printer machine compatibility settings:

    • Press Menu, 2 (Fax), 0 (Miscellaneous), 1 (Compatibility).
    • Press the UP OR DOWN ARROW key to select Basic (for VoIP).
    • Press the OK key.
    • Press the Stop/Exit key.

    Step 5 : Try to send fax:

    • As the fax goes through with no other error message, then you were able to compensate for the telephone line and hence resolving the error message

    Call for Online Remote help to Brother Printer Customer Support Phone Number+44-800-086-9078


    As you failed to resolve the error you can connect to Brother Printer Support Phone Number+44-800-086-9078 (toll-free) for online remote assistance. Our qualified, certified, capable technicians are present to resolve your error in short span of time. It is always made sure that we will provide you with best tech support service whenever you need any hour of day and night. It is our primary aim to satisfy you with reliable tech support.

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